Hi, I’m Rachel Resnick…

I’ve been in the story business since 1995.

Drawing out your authentic voice and unique stories. 
Publishing my own.
I am even blessed to have a Los Angeles Times bestseller.

So I know the way to powerful story from inside and out. 

Everybody’s talking about story…

Saying you’ve got to have story for your BOOK, your BUSINESS, your SUCCESS –

But nobody’s telling you how to actually write COMPELLING story.

You see, story can suck.

Story can fall flat.
Story can bore, or fail, or turn off your potential customers and clients when you don’t truly know what story is and the RIGHT way to express it on the page and stage.

Because there is a right way.
There are proven techniques.
What you need is DeepStory.

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs and artists step into the spotlight that shines when you claim your voice, own your story, step into your authentic power.

After 10,000 hours, plus, I distilled what I know into the unique and DeepStory system.


1 Stunningly Simple Way to Nail Your Money-Making Story

(So You Can Be Seen, Heard & Paid Easier & Quicker Than You Thought Possible)!

This is what I know:

Everything leads back to story.
Everything starts with story.
Story, my friends, is everything.


Something I see business people, entrepreneurs, often afraid of. 
Lots of coaches and mentors don’t want to deal with your emotions.
You’re also taught to keep emotion out of business.

Except this is an old paradigm.
Only emotion — translated into well-told story — can reach people’s hearts.

Have you noticed?
There’s more and more noise every second.

You have the capacity to create your own economy.
If you have a skill, or a service, that people want to pay for —

But how are you going to communicate that?
How are you going to motivate people to get in touch?
How are you going to cut through all the noise?

If you want to move others, you have to move yourself first.

There’s no faster way than story — well told — on the page and stage — to reach your Ideal Client.

Do you want to earn more in 2020?
Do you want to reach more people?
Do you want to inspire more people to grow and change?

Then you’ve got to master the art of personal storytelling.

You’ve got to learn to tap your own emotions, then learn how to translate those emotions into stories for the page and stage.


Today, we all have the opportunity to PUBLISH and BROADCAST our own unique messages, spread the word about the services we are called to provide, share our gifts.

But people have the short attention span of LESS than a gnat!

If we can’t engage people QUICKLY — if we can’t inspire Know, Like and Trust, if we can’t stick in people’s hearts, souls and minds with our words and energy — we won’t get the chance to do what we’re here to do — 
We won’t get to thrive as businesses.

And that would suck.

Story is your engine. Story is your secret ingredient.
Story is the soul of your business.

Jumpstart your life with the power of story.

Add the missing ingredient to your dreams, visions and plans… To your marketing, your message. To your content, your books, your talks. Your business.

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