You know the feeling you get from finishing a writing project — big or small?

That wild, wondrous combo of joy, pride and lightness? Physical lightness or buoyancy — and also the radiant lightness that comes from releasing the luscious fruits of your imagination. Feel the deep wildebeest sigh! The exhalation of satisfaction, etched and earned.

Remember those grade school story assignments, the big rip-out pages where you drew a picture with crayons on the blank top, then wrote cockamamie words for a quick story beneath? What simple pleasure in the completion! Sometimes we forget to celebrate the tiny triumphs as adults. Yet these can ultimately create a coral reef of confidence.

Because when you claim your creative authority, when you fully express and complete that expression so you can share with the world — even with a short Instagram post! — you naturally gain confidence. Bit. By. Bit. Bird. By. Bird.

Join the Completion Lab for a unique experience designed to support you creating and completing one major creative project each quarter of the year.

Alice Fulks ~ client just finished a poetry chapbook!
Radiant Wellness Coach | Writer

Sign up for the October 3rd one-day retreat in Joshua Tree, California.

Pre-gathering meet-and-greet evening of October 2nd.

You’ll get:

  • One monthly submission of up to 20 pages, or 20 minutes of video, or some equivalent, depending on your medium. I will read and/or watch and review this submission.
  • One monthly hourlong call. Can be used to discuss the submission review. Plan a step-by-step schedule, include a spiritual foundation and daily creativity completion rituals, and/or whatever is needed for the individual client.
  • One one-day in-person immersive retreat each quarter
  • Private Facebook group
  • Yearlong commitment for maximum momentum, results, and creative community building!

A road might end at a single house, but it’s not love’s road. Love is a river. Drink from it.

~ Rumi

There is nothing like the satisfaction of burrowing deep into a story, committing to the mysterious and maddening process of expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction, until the piece is complete, fits the strict time frame, is performed and alive beyond the bounds of your creativity, your consciousness, your control — when it becomes a living sparking thing that explodes into theater air, takes expressed shape, and belongs now to the audience.

Every listener, every viewer, takes your story and makes it theirs. Hears what they need to hear. Feels what they need to feel. Sheds whatever shame or sadness they may have been carrying in secrecy, its weight an anchor on their soul’s buoyancy and boundlessness.

This is your mission. Now let go.

The storyteller is a servant.

The story itself a gift not everyone will want to unwrap. Each public telling is an alchemy between audience and author, a co-creation. A benediction.

Because I focused all my story-forging energy onto this original story, created especially for the tight-knit, tough-minded free-spirited community of Joshua Tree and their bi-annual always-sold-out event, Desert Stories, that happened tonight. One night only. What. An honor.

Whether your story is an epic video, or a quick sound bite. Whether your book is a doorstop — or a tiny tome.

If you are ready to finally complete a project this fall
— and you want to accelerate to the finish line! —
come join us in magical Joshua Tree for

October 3, 2018
pre-gathering evening of October 2

Space is limited to keep the quantum creativity experience intimate.


OR two easy payments of $325

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