Los Angeles Times bestselling author, creative entrepreneur and thought leader Rachel Resnick presents

The 4 Step Confidence Builder for Unforgettable Creative Expression and Compelling Content!

Do you struggle with believing in yourself, believing in your story?

Do you worry that you don’t have something to share that is actually going to inspire and help people?

Do you wish you had more self esteem and self confidence?

Do you lack confidence in your writing? 

Or maybe you aren’t sure how to write content that is compelling, that others would even be interested in reading.

I get it.
I feel you.
I’ve been there too.

Because, even though I’m a Los Angeles Times bestselling author — I didn’t know how to write copy for my business.

Content that would connect with my ideal clients.

Until I learned — by testing it out on myself, then with private clients — a proven 4-step path to More Confidence, More Creative Expression — and More Compelling Content.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

“I already feel more peace and direction.”

This course is for you if you are an author or speaker, healer or teacher, artist or creative entrepreneur or corporate executive — or anyone in between who’s ready to master the art of personal storytelling!

There is no faster, more effective way to cut through the noise and share your message than story — told well.

There is a right way to do this.

I’ve been doing this a long time, teaching creating writing — since 1995.

What I learned from going on the journey of personal story from the inside out — is what taught me how to write from the heart, change myself — and change others.
It’s now the soul of my business.

It’s how I help draw out your unique voice, your one-of-a-kind story, in minutes.

I’ve got your back.

“I’m back on track. This challenge is helping me feel grounded and prepared to start the day and be thoughtful and productive.”

Thing is — this won’t help if you don’t have confidence to share your special voice and story… 

If you don’t trust the compelling content that’s bursting to come out.

If you don’t believe in yourself, your art — or your business.

That’s why I created this course.

In 1998, I published my first book, with traditional publishers.

In 2006, I started my business helping you master the art of personal storytelling so you can touch people’s hearts with your writing on the page and stage.

In 2008, I published my second book, with traditional publishers. This book was a memoir, called Love Junkie.

The 4 Step Confidence Builder for Unforgettable Creative Expression and Compelling Content!

Let me show you how to build confidence — from the inside out.

Before you can improve your writing and tap your natural flow — you need more confidence.

Creative confidence.

This is both a skill — and a mindset.

I’ll cover both in this simple yet deep four-module course.

Would you like to learn how to write from a deep inner level, a heart level, a feeling level — instead of your thinking brain?

How would it feel to write what you want without worrying what you “think” others will like?

What you’ll get:

Five 30-min video modules that cover each of the 5 steps in Lessons


Five 30-min audio versions that cover each of the 5 steps in the Lessons


Downloadable Transcripts of each Lesson


Downloadable Worksheets for each Lesson


One 90-min Recap and Integration call to bring all the pieces together, and to help you plan a way to Keep Up The Momentum


“I got down on my knees and prayed today for the first time since I was a little girl. It felt amazing! THANK YOU in advance for your guidance!”

“Your email was great. I love your deeply “present” approach to this process.”
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