The course made me more confident and aware of storytelling techniques I can use in my presentations. In the corporate world, these can be dull. Forgettable. When I add a personal touch, I notice people pay more attention, understand better, get more engaged!! Your course makes life so much more meaningful & communication with people deeper and more delightful.

Galina Spivak

mother, speaker, UX designer

Everyone’s talking about story in the online world — how critical it is for your success and ability to stand out.

But I don’t see anyone taking people step-by-step and also deep into how to write and speak unforgettable stories.

I’m Rachel Resnick and I’ve been doing this since 1995 — running my own storytelling business since 2006 — and I know after working with thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs how to unlock your authentic voice and unique stories.

This is a great time to join, because it’s the first year I’ve offered these powerful trainings and proven frameworks publicly, and I’m keeping the group super intimate.

What does that mean for you?

You get way more access to me, and lots of personal attention.

Private clients pay thousands for this level of support.

I’m so excited about this course — where I’ll get to hold your hand, inspire you! and share the Proven Path to more Power, Profit and Joy — through personal story.

Because you’re an Early Adopter, I’m committed to you getting the six weeks at the strongest level possible so you get the concrete result of a Personal Story you can use on page and/or stage


by the end of the course!

“Celebrating my progress so far in this writing course:

  1. I found a way to open up a moment in which nothing happened and expressed my inner experience with color and sound and pure creativity that I enjoyed.
  2. I put out into the world an outline of my experience with my father in a way that touched me deeply and helped me develop compassion for myself.
  3. I enjoyed expressing my own voice.”
Donna Factor

“I’ve got a voice! I knew that. But it’s come out. Hell, I’ve been writing. I’m doing it right now! And today I got permission to experiment and dip more into the unknown. Out of the box I like so neatly organized.”
Kent King

Actor, producer, creator

Your signature story, told on page and/or stage, actually moves other people.

Because when you move people emotionally, you become unforgettable.

That is the essence of effective marketing.

Remember too — people buy from emotion.

So whether you are seeking to inspire followers and fans for your writing or art, find and convert your ideal clients, engage and satisfy corporate customers — when you move people and touch their hearts immediately through the power of personal story — you can move them also to take inspired action.

“Showing up for myself and having my story exist for me and my benefit FIRST. Owning that allows me to have some space & agency over it & not to worry so much about the outcome.”
Stephen Steers

Whether you are looking to:


Pair your story with a product or service launch


Drop it into a blog, book or talk


Gain proven techniques to craft more compelling content and humanize the services and products you provide


Show up more powerfully for customers and team in your corporate job


Improve sales and add the best marketing tool of all -- authentic personal touch and resonance


Develop the daily habit of writing with laser focus, ease and fun


Understand yourself more deeply and clearly


Experience deep and lasting personal growth and healing that you can apply to both business and life


Or you are more interested in simply gaining powerful new skills, more confidence and joy


Or all the above!

This course is designed to help you do this in a simple yet accelerated way.

“I celebrate me today. How I show up in all the ways. Despite any outcome, I pour it all out there & show up strong, open & eager like a beaver:) Or a guinea pig on display, I am willing to be. To pave the way for others healing & growth while I continue my own. Today I celebrate my humility & vulnerability & massive expansion! And gratitude for this process & how much I’ve already grown!”
Kelly Layne

Rachel Resnick is a fairy godmother for writing. She encouraged me to join Instagram, to see daily writing as sacred space, to share. Alchemist, cheerleader, sage guide, passionate, talented advocate for the craft of writing, Rachel roused me also to write a book. Most importantly, this more in-depth writing brought me deeper into my being: a gift I will carry with me always. 

If you get a chance to experience Rachel‘s gifts through her work and teaching, grab it. I am forever grateful to her for her insistence that I express, express, express!”

Jillian Robinson Weaver

Emmy-winning television producer, author, photographer, coach

My goal is to get you great results, and to give you clear milestones along the way so I can walk you through, step by step, what it takes to bring your story to high-level fruition.

“The shift is huge! I’ve accessed a beautiful realm where I feel at home! The part of the iceberg that remains under water in my daily life is starting to be explored! Not for the world…I don’t have that ambition. But so healing and therapeutic for me and my friends and family!”
Olya Rizvanova

I believe there are no coincidences.

You’re here for a reason…

And you’re called to this course because the Universe is inviting you to uncover and express your personal story.

Whether this story is for your own personal growth, or for the TEDx stage, your blog or book or talk.

Whether this story is for your improved communication skills, to help share your product or services or connect with your fans, to increase your confidence, creativity and joy.

There is no quicker more effective and soulful way to reach people — in the heart.

There is also no better way to step into your full self expression,
experience joy, and share the gifts you are meant to share. 

Email me at for more info.


For a VIP experience, I’m also offering high-value private 30-min calls to participants at both the beginning and end of the course to make sure you have a powerful, complete story to take immediately into the world. Plus, you can submit up to 10 pages, double-spaced, of your personal story before the course begins. We can discuss and strategize how to easily apply the lessons from personal story to your content and copy so your business writing creates super-charged engagement and impact. Email me at for more info.

“Own it. Lock it in. Present it. No one’s watching. Dance like it. No one cares, not like you do. That’s fine and more importantly, that’s just how it should be. Here you are. Be exactly in that spot. Own it. One, Two Step.”

Stephen Steers