The 5 Step Confidence Builder for Unforgettable Creative Expression and Compelling Content!

Module 1: Breathe & Believe

Please watch the trainings and then comment at the end of the page.

Part 3



    Lovely. Thank you. I’m looking forward to this journey with you!

    • Rachel Resnick

      You’re most welcome, Vicki! Wonderful to have you here. Me too, so looking forward to this journey!

    • Rachel Resnick

      Wonderful Vicki! It seems easy — and it can sometimes be slippery. Keep me ad us updated on how you do with the breathing. And the believing. What’s nice is we get this week to dig in — then keep exploring, building — spiraling up!


    Thanks. Viewed all three. I’ll send you my contract via email.

    • Rachel Resnick

      Excellent! You are the model student! Eager for your contract. It’s such an important piece.

  3. miriam wardzala

    Exhale, Am I a writer?
    Inhale, I am a writer.

    Exhale, doubt.
    Inhale, belief.

    The power of breath
    Intelligent pause

    The power of belief
    Inspires action
    Authentic words

    Breathe deeply
    Read slowly
    Best written words

    Beautiful Beginnings

    • Rachel Resnick

      This is gorgeous, Miriam! Did this flow forth after viewing the videos? Curious if you watched all. Tell more! It’s exquisite. Your writing, the wisdom. A kind of prayer. A delicate, probing. Creative expression with a mystical music. Beautiful Beginnings, yes!

      • Miriam

        An extension of MMR, I suppose. After watching all three videos and reading my notes, I meditated and prayed for the essence of how to move forward and I challenged myself to write. The above came forth. I love the way you write. The words you use (mystical music) inspires me. Your energy inspires. Thank you for this program of writing wonder.

        I am 100% in.
        from the HEART

        You’re challenging me to figure out Instagram. That’s next

        With love & gratitude

    • Regina Byrne

      That’s really powerful Miriam – captures the start of this so well. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Nikki Fernandez

    Thank you Rachel.
    I’m looking forward to this so much. Breathe! I do believe! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE ME!

    • Rachel Resnick

      Nikki! Welcome! Me too, so looking forward. Your enthusiasm is lovely. Yes! A forest of exclamation points. Breathing. Believing. I love myself. I love you! So glad you’re here for this journey.

  5. Scott Cunningham

    I find that when I use my difuser I am able to focus in on my creative juices. Breathing by your example is cleansing! Onward.

  6. Scott G. Cunningham

    I am curious as to the comment I made on the 27th. It does not appear in here. I saw it for a couple of days stating it was awaiting approval?????

  7. Regina Byrne

    I’m slow getting started on the course and observing that I fear being ‘left behind’so I’m taking the message of practice and persistence and embodying it into how I go forward with the course. Thank you.


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