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Hi everyone, beautiful people. You confident creatives you. Welcome to the high desert. I want to talk to you about your Confidence Scrapbooks. I don’t know how many of you, let’s turn my ankh around, I don’t know how many of you have started on them. I know some of you were asking me for more details. So let me talk about the premise for it. It’s really normal, even though we don’t think it is, to be in a constant state of remembering and forgetting. And one of the things that I always consider that I do for clients and for you guys is in some ways I’m your memory keeper. I also talk about being a witness, a catalyst, and a guide.

Well what if you came up with a simple daily opportunity where you could gather things that give you confidence that remind you of the impact you’re making on people, and the delicious gifts that you give and how people receive them. So what I’m suggesting the Confidence Scrapbook is to pick your favorite, online is easier, I use Evernote, whatever kind of gathering spot you use to take notes or where you can create a little online journal, and look for the comments that people make on things you post, whether its videos, or writing you’ve done, or paintings, or business offerings. And just cut and paste, and pop them into a Confidence Scrapbook, and date them, and say where they came from, and whenever you’re feeling low, you open up your Confidence Scrapbook.

If you’re like me, here’s another thing that may be happening to you. You’ll forget. and also you may be wired like me and most people, which is to say your speaking to a hundred people in a crowd and you’re up there and you’re doing great, and one persons not feeling it. And you see them, and you zero in on them! And afterwards there … 99 people loved it. That one person you’re like, “Ah, yeah. That one person, I could see them. I’m haunted. Eh.” Okay. This is how we’re wired. So the reason the morning making ritual, which I keep talking about, and then this confidence builder, this five step process. Breathe. Ah! Believe. Believe on a deep level, and if you falter in this, which of course you will, click on your Confidence Scrapbook, and remind yourself of the truth that other people have reflected back, of the impact you’ve made on them.

You let me know if you have any questions. I hope that makes more sense for what the heck the Confidence Scrapbook is. I’d love to know how you guys are all doing. And Lesson 2’s coming soon. and I’m just so delighted to have you guys with me, and this is our short little Confidence Scrapbook video. Signing off from the Mojave Desert. I love you all. Bye.



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