Opening Up Your Wings. Maori Healing.  Topanga, CA.

Opening Up Your Wings.
Maori Healing.
Topanga, CA.

Once upon a time, there was an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur was stuck. She was confused. Overwhelmed. She knew she had to tell her personal story to make her business clear. To step up her game. To make her big dreams come true. But which one? How would she know what was her signature story? She had so many! They were all equally interesting! Plus, she wanted to talk about Peace and Love, Freedom and Impact. How could she do all that in one story? One About page on her website? One minute before she gave an interview? Impossible! Stuckness! Help! Only — did she want help? Maybe she liked the warm bath of her manmade overwhelm. There was such a lovely foamy froth. And she could sink into that froth and not be heard, or seen…

Until one day…

Once upon a time, there was an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur was also stuck. She was scared. She was shy. She knew she had powerful information to share. She knew she could help people on a larger scale. But she didn’t understand technology! She couldn’t write! (Teachers has told her so in school, and she believed them.) She didn’t know where to start! She was so full of excuses they were oozing out her ears, bursting from her stuffed skull! If she didn’t figure this out, she was going to spontaneously combust!

Not to mention, she wasn’t earning any money. Shhhhhhhh….

Until one day…

Along came the Fire + Flow bootcamp. A virtual course that promised to ignite Creative Fire and connect it to Cash Flow. Bold promises! Arrogant claims! And yet…something drew the two entrepreneurs. Not like moths to a flame…more like cocoons (comfy cocoons) bumpily somersaulting along. Drawn to the promise of…no, not just silken wings you shallow ones — Flight! They were drawn to the hope of flight! They knew that to get out of their warm, frothy bath of stuckness, or their cozy cocooon of excuses, they would have to shed the old comfortable imprisoning stories. The stories that worked like a needle stuck in the same groove. Scritch. Scritch. Repeat. Scritch. They would have to strip those stories away, be naked — to step into, then fly into — a new story. A story that would crystallize their confidence, express their mission so others would feel it in their bones, and make a mark.

What happened next?

What do you think?

The first entrepreneur called. She spoke with Rachel the bootcamp leader. She heard solutions! She saw a path to simpler, more lively, effective story! The bootcamp leader even shared a quick way to generate cash using that story! So did she sign up right away? No. She had to think about it. She had to ask her husband. (Or wife. Or cat. Or consult her I Ching cards.) She said she’d call back. She never did.

A year has gone by. Maybe two. Who’s counting? …Her creditors. Because, she is still broke. And confused. And comfy in her frothy bath of confusion.

The second entrepeneur called. She spoke with Rachel the bootcamp leader. She too heard solutions! She saw a path to a simpler, more vivid and more effective story! Rachel also shared a quick way to knit that story directly to sales. She even helped craft a service, rooted in the entrepreneur’s story, on the spot. Did the entrepreneur sign up right away? Yes she did! On the spot. She registered. She took a leap. She was frakkin’ scared, mind you. Quaking in her cocooned boots. Still, she took that leap.

Now this entrepreneur has quadrupled her income since the bootcamp started. She shares her signature story with clients, with prospects, on the page in blogs and newsletters and guest articles and telesummits. On the stage at events and breakout sessions and TEDx talks. Even in Tweets. The money is rolling in, allowing her to focus on sharing her gifts and making impact. She’s confident. She’s clear. And she sprouted wings.

Which one are you?

Join us for Round Two of Fire + Flow. There’s still time. Why not make this the summer you break out of your comfy shell.

Register here: Join our Fire + Flow Bootcamp now! Let’s fly!

I dare you.