Just Say No To The Starving Artist Paradigm

Just Say No To The Starving Artist Paradigm

“I think the starving artist is a completely bankrupt and defunct concept and we need to burn an effigy of the starving artist and START something — – we can have our own little Burning Man ceremony.”

One year ago, fellow writer and entrepreneur Sarah Graves interviewed me for her bold, blunt-talking series “Girlfriends Talk About Money” and I unleashed on the Starving Artist paradigm.

With tax season upon us, it seemed a ripe time to share this lively interview, along with a cool writing exercise for you.

Here is the MP3 downloadable link:

Let us know your thoughts! This interview is sure to stir. We’re both writers working through our own money issues. What about you? Are you hampered by a limiting money story?

Your Money Story Writing Exercise:

Make your transition into the creative space. Try a 5-minute guided breathing meditation. It’s important to transition from the distraction, anxiety and chaos of normal life. Now write your first money memory. First person. Present tense. Re-live it. Use vivid details. Don’t over think this. Write it as a scene. Keep it from one paragraph to one page.

What came up? Share your insights, A-Has, and any questions! I first learned this part of the money story exploration from the actress/accountant Jackie Debatin, who shared it at a Writers On Fire In St. Tropez retreat a few years ago. She uses it with her new clients to get clear on their relationship to money, so she can best serve them. If we are to either break out of the starving artist paradigm — or, as entrepreneurs, shake off old money stories and memories that no longer serve us — we must first get in touch with our original story. Only then can we rewrite it. And reinvent our relationship to money.

Here’s to creativity and making a kickass living.

Yrs in truth,