Entrepreneur Tiffany Scott about to make the catch on the flying trapeze! Trapeze School November 2015 Santa Monica, CA

Entrepreneur Tiffany Scott about to make the catch on the flying trapeze!
Trapeze School
November 2015
Santa Monica, CA

“Get ’em up. Get ’em up. Get those legs up there. Good. Now hands OUT. Look for Brad!”

There she goes.
Tiffany Jane Scott.

She flies through the air — not with the greatest of ease.
Not like a Cirque de Soleil professional.
Not like a bendable gymnast.

What Tiffany displays up there high above the glittering Pacific Ocean, the red rollercoaster grinding behind — is something more powerful.

Grit and grace.

The gold standard of qualities for a rockstar entrepreneur.

We are here this morning at the Trapeze School made famous in an episode of “Sex And The City.”
The sister LA school right here on famous Santa Monica Pier.

Tiffany is the first of the intrepid Inner Circle Master Mind members to make the catch.
After five flights, she achieves the goal.

I’m down below.

“Go Tiffany go!!!”

You can hear me scream with joy.
My shouts cut through the rest of the spectator’s cheers.
Louder even than the rollercoaster riders.

Watch me dash like a crazed stage mother back from the far end of the net to the dismount ladder to greet Tiffany when she drops into the net, then climbs back onto solid ground.

There I am, beaming.
I wrap my arms around her.

If you could only see her eyes.
The radiance of confidence.
Of challenge vanquished.
Of pure flight.
Her spine as straight as a javelin.

This is how you embody your business.

This is how you accelerate your growth to warp speed.

This is how you light up and take leaps when you’re supported.

Every time one of the Masterminders climbs the swaying rope ladder to the platform, extends their arms to the bar and steadies their shaking feet ten toes to the edge, not only are the ultra-professional, warm and alert trapeze instructors leading them every step of the way — I am there.
Cheering them on.
Snapping dozens of photos.
Pouring every beam of energy in my body toward them.

But the truth is, I didn’t plan it this way.

I wanted to get on the flying trapeze too!
The vision was of a group bonding exercise.
Ala George Plimpton.
Total immersion.
Shared experience.
Leader on the ground with the others.

Spirit knew better.

When I confessed to the instructors I had an old rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder, they tested me on a ground level bar.

“Can you feel pain when you hang?”

“Yes,” I said. Then quickly, “But I don’t mind. I want to try.”
My heart sinking.

“Forget it. We don’t want you leaving here in an ambulance.”

Believe me, I wasn’t happy.

Then I breathed deep and it hit me: there was a reason.
I was meant to show up in another way to best serve my clients.

Let the day unfold.

So I got to channel all my energy, all my focus, all my enthusiasm onto the clients.

And man! Did they flourish and fly!

Something happened I had not anticipated.

Something beautiful.
Better than bonding.
And a great lesson for me.

The truth was, some of these gutsy Masterminders didn’t grow up with that kind of cheering.

Maybe you can relate.

Lots of entrepreneurs are scrappers.
By necessity, they grew up taking risks — often without stable relationships to back them up.

This flying trapeze experience?

Turned into what psychologists call a “corrective emotional experience.”

Despite earlier disappointments, a new experience can effectively overwrite negative memories and create a foundation for positivity moving forward.

More and more, science is proving that we can rewire our brains.

If we have the right support.

Because I could cheer the clients with complete focus and caring, they could bask in the belief I sent them from the ground and make the leap into a New Story and New Self.

Being present — whole-heartedly present — holding belief for another’s transformation — is my raison d’être.

Even though I did not fly through the air, my heart took wing that day.