Anemone, Topanga Canyon

Slow Down to Speed Up:  The Secret to Success In Writing, Business & Life
Dear Reader. Do you know how much you inspire?  As a small gesture of gratitude, I want to share an insight.

Last week I attended an entrepreneurial gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina. I found myself at the mic, asking questions. I said something like this.

“I’m used to slowing down time when I write. It’s the only way to dig deep, find meaning. See beauty. How does this relate to time in business? Everything’s about speed. Yet experts in the business world need to slow down the same way writers do. Otherwise their messages have no meaning. Experts need to tell powerful stories the same way writers need to get their entrepreneurial groove on. I know how to reach writers. How do I reach experts?”

“You lead with speed,” said the mentor.

Afterwards, someone stuffed a piece of paper in my hand. Scrawled in pencil were these words:

Slow Down to Speed Up.

Since January, I have been on a mission to activate the left side of my brain. To learn the art of business to blend with my mastery in writing and coaching. I read a post of Seth Godin’s. “Art Fears Business Fears Art.” My brain ignited. It was time for me to learn speed. To truly embrace the inner entrepreneur and eat my fear of money, of a certain type of success. This is the journey I am on, post-Love Junkie. First, there was a phase of Cooking (Self-Nurture). Now, the phase of Business (Self Worth/Value).

Slow Down to Speed Up.

Perhaps this anemone I photographed on my deck in Topanga Canyon will inspire you to stop for a moment as it did me. Contemplate. Breathe in the beauty that is transience. Let the moment unfurl its petals in your soul.

Then let that moment where you and the anemone stopped time together speed your success in writing, in business, in life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Yours in truth,




I sent this last week to my List. This week, I’m unveiling the new website. I thought it fitting to post this here as the inaugural entry. Thank you for visiting, and reading. I’d love your comments!