Woman's back Froggy's Fish Market August 2015 Topanga, CA

Woman’s back
Froggy’s Fish Market
August 2015
Topanga, CA

Woman’s back.

It’s like a painting.

The mysterious lighting, contrast and colors.
The muscular ridge down her back.
Cloud of black gypsy hair.
That outfit.

As if her clothes were stitched directly on her body.
Precisely showcasing her spinal tats.

This was before she climbed up on a table and did a wild and graceful acrobatic demonstration.
A bit of Burning Man off the Playa.

We who aren’t there this year seek to conjure that dusty magic in our everyday, and in our businesses.

We look for beauty, for surprise.

We aim to delight the senses and the soul.
Ours and our customers and clients.

Else why do what we do?